Version 1.1.2

December 2, 2023


  • Fixed an error which occured when getting an error response from the API without its usual error body.

Version 1.1.1

October 2, 2023


  • Fixed a bug where the controller could not recognize a section handle

Version 1.1.0

October 1, 2023


  • You can now call your APIs with a controller (via a regular <form> html form or an AJAX request). Head to the documentation to learn about it!
  • You can choose whether to enable the controller for anonymous requests in the plugin settings
  • Added errorBody for debugging, which features the message and code properties


  • Updated the documentation troubleshooting section
  • The documentation button now properly targets the #readme anchor (settings page)
  • response.debugError is now formatted with the status, reasonPhrase, body, headers and metadata properties

Version 1.0.0

September 20, 2023
  • Initial release