The Lilt app can be used to send content within Craft CMS to be translated and localized into additional target languages by Lilt, saving you time while letting you continue to work in the systems you know.

Once your content is ready for translation, one click sends it to Lilt for translation, and you can track the translation status of your content right from within your Craft CMS instance. Once translation is complete, Lilt sends the translated content back into Craft CMS for publishing.

Features include:

  • Quick access to Lilt translation services
  • Localization progress status oversight directly within Craft CMS
  • Translated content previewing, accepting, and rejecting

The Lilt app enables you to:

Accelerate your localization

Lilt's seamless integration helps you save time and speed up translation so you can focus on creating and distributing new content.

Make translation effortless

Skip the hassle of manually transferring content and streamline translation by using the Lilt app.

Lilt provides high-quality, scalable translations for global enterprises through:

-The Lilt Translator community of 5,000+ linguists who are sourced, vetted, and managed by Lilt

-The Lilt Platform, which uses AI and automation to enable linguists to translate faster and more accurately than ever before

-100+ languages supported

-10 global hubs

Working with Lilt, customers improve translation quality, save time, reduce translation timelines, and accomplish more with their existing resources. For a partner that scales with your needs, come work with Lilt. Visit us online at or reach out to us at

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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