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The plugin does exactly what the name says. It assures that the slug is equal to the title.

Basically this works for every entry. By default nothing is overwritten. In the settings of the plugin you can adjust the overwriting per section.

If the overwriting of the slugs on a section has been enabled, then this setting applies to entries which have been saved the last time before installing the plugin, or are newly created.

In practice, this means that old entries are not touched at first. But if you want to edit such an old entry, which should be overwritten by the section according to the default setting, then the existing slug will be overwritten by default. However, if the entry should keep its slug, then switch off the light switch and save the entry. Then the light switch is off when editing the entry again.

Price includes 1 year of updates.
$5/year per site for updates after that.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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Craft 3, Craft 4
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February 9, 2023
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