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This plugin adds some (a ton of) boost after spooling up our Turbo even on a low RAM environment. No extra code needed, just install, turn it on and enjoy the speed!

UPDATE: you need to add CSRF bypass in order to make the forms work.

In a serious tone, this plugin utilizes the Yii2 frameworks PageCache, so basically on the first load of the page, it stores the most used pages as static HTML. It reduces the content delivery by 70% (we managed to reduce server response time from 3.6s to 320ms) but also delays the possible new content on the page. So we do recommend to turn it off when you are updating the contents of the website and turn on again as soon as the edits are done.

DISCLAIMER: This plugin is highly experimental, it means your website may not function as intended! In this case, just turn off the cache in the settings.

TIP: You can set up the length of the cache in minutes. If you have high traffic, we recommend it to keep it low as possible, so the new content will be visible ASAP, otherwise check how often a visitor visits your website, multiply it by 4 and set it as your cache. Or just set it up for 120 minutes and tune it weekly, see which one has the best effect.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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