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  • Cart restoration
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Timing can be adjusted
  • Discounts/Incentives
  • Click tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Test Mode
  • Widgets
  • Responsive template
  • Ability to use your own template
  • Ability to trigger without the need of cron jobs


Abandoned Cart for Craft Commerce is a plugin that provides the ability to send multiple email reminders to customers that have abandoned their carts. This is a proven way to increase what would normally be lost revenue.

Abandoned Carts will send a maximum of two emails per abandoned cart. These emails can be configured to be sent after a certain amount of hours e.g. the first after 1 hour of abandonment and the second 12 hours later if no action has been taken.

A responsive email template is included to get you started but can be overwritten with your own if preferred.

The email the customer receives includes a link that restores their cart. The plugin also uses this to detect clicks. Knowing if customers are opening/clicking emails is a great way to increase conversion.

Discounts can also be included in emails. Simply create a discount code in Craft Commerce and enter that code in Abandoned Carts settings. I recommend setting one code per email address to prevent customers taking advantage.

All abandoned cart emails are created as jobs and placed in Craft's queue, this should provide a great platform for high performing stores.


Plus $25/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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January 4, 2024
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