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This plugin will generate a simple breadcrumb array that you can style via Twig. It will generate crumb titles from the customFieldHandle setting if set, falling back to the title field. If none of these fields are present, it will generate the crumb title from the URL segment.

Breadcrumb works across different element types and is multisite friendly. It can even be used to generate BreadcrumbList schema.

How does it work?

Breadcrumb generates an array like:

array (size=4)
  0 =>
    array (size=3)
      'title' => string 'Home' (length=4)
      'url' => string 'https://mysite.local' (length=18)
      'position' => int 1
  1 =>
    array (size=3)
      'title' => string 'Posts' (length=5)
      'url' => string 'https://mysite.local/posts' (length=24)
      'position' => int 2
  2 =>
    array (size=3)
      'title' => string 'Categories' (length=10)
      'url' => string 'https://mysite.local/posts/categories' (length=35)
      'position' => int 3
  3 =>
    array (size=3)
      'title' => string 'Example Category' (length=11)
      'url' => string 'https://mysite.local/posts/categories/example-category' (length=52)
      'position' => int 4

Use Twig to define the presentation and apply additional logic. Use whatever markup that suits your project best. Here's a basic example with no settings applied:

{% set breadcrumb = craft.breadcrumb.config %}

{% if breadcrumb %}
<div class="c-breadcrumb">
    <ol class="c-breadcrumb__items">
        {% for crumb in breadcrumb  %}
            {% if loop.last %}
            <li class="c-breadcrumb__item">
                <span>{{ crumb.title }}</span>
            {% else %}
            <li class="c-breadcrumb__item">
                <a class="c-breadcrumb__link" href="{{ crumb.url }}">
                    <span>{{ crumb.title }}</span>
            {% endif %}
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Make sure you check out this guide before installing.


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