Cache Flag adds a new {% cacheflag %} Twig tag to Craft CMS, which works just like the native {% cache %} tag, except that it will not save element queries for automatic cache invalidation (unless you tell it to).

Cache Flag enables you to add flags (i.e. keywords) to your content and template caches. When elements corresponding to those flags are saved, deleted, moved or change status, Cache Flag invalidates the appropriate template caches automatically.

Additionally, Cache Flag enables you to have completely cold template caches, optionally flagged with arbritrary flags (again, those are basically keywords) that you can invalidate manually on a per-need basis, programmatically or as part of a deploy setup or other logic, through CLI commands or a HTTP web controller.


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  • Version 1.2.4
  • Last Update 12/28/2020
  • Active Installs 281
  • Compatibility Craft 3
  • License MIT
  • Categories Templating, Performance

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