Calendar for Craft

The most reliable and powerful event management plugin for Craft.

Calendar is the most reliable and powerful event management and calendaring plugin on the market for Craft CMS. The intuitive interface allows you to create events with complex recurring event rules and exclusions, while the flexible templating offers a variety of options to satisfy your calendaring needs. Stop wasting valuable development hours wrestling with and tuning Craft Entries or other alternatives. You can trust Calendar (and the team behind it) to deliver the quality and support you expect and deserve.


Key Features

🛡Calendar is loaded with features that have been battle-tested over the years from hundreds of sites using them.

✓ Intuitive drag & drop interfaceGroundbreaking approach to event management that feels very similar to popular calendaring apps like Apple Calendar and Google Calendar
Month, week & day views in CPAdd, edit, move, delete events within these intuitive views
Events are an Element typeAllows you create and manage event similar to regular Craft Entries and easily relate them to other elements
Intuitive event creation interfaceThe event creation interface is quick and easy to use
Live previewPreview your event while you create it, and watch as recurrences populate when you set up repeat rules
Recurring event rulesCreate events with complex recurrence rules
Exclude datesExclude certain dates from recurrence rules
All day & multi-day eventsSet events to be "all day" and/or span multiple days
Unlimited calendar groupsCreate and manage calendars which events are assigned to
Calendar group colorsSet the color of your calendars, which can automatically be seen inside CP views and front end templates
✓ Custom calendar group field layoutsCreate a unique field layout for each of your calendars
ICS exportingAllow users to export whole calendars and/or events directly into other calendar applications like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and more.
ICS subscriptionsAllow users or staff to subscribe (one way sync URL) to whole calendars into other calendar applications.
Front end event creationCreate events on the front end
Powerful & flexible templatingRobust templating options to handle just about every scenario
Show events by months, weeks & daysDisplay your events populated into month grids and more
Show events as listsDisplay a list of events, with options to filter the results
Show lists of calendarsDisplay a list of calendars, with options to filter the results
Dashboard widgetsIncludes 4 different powerful, customizable dashboard widgets
Element Field TypeRelate events to any other element type
CustomizableIncludes a wide variety of customization options for CP
Translatable/LocalizationFull support for localization of field data
FullCalendar JS library for front endIncludes sample front end integration with the FullCalendar JS library
Demo templatesJust 1 click and you have a real-world set of working templates

🔥 Try Calendar today and find out why so many Craft 3 users choose and trust Calendar for their important website projects!


“I had never dealt with your support until now... I'm seriously impressed.”

“I consider Solspace plugins to be top-notch, among the best in the Craft community!”

“Very glad to find that Solspace has such great support. Never really needed it before, but now twice in one week, I was quickly helped back on track!”

“Calendar has so many repeating event options - it’s awesome and my client loves it!”

(Testimonials collected from an anonymous Support feedback survey throughout 2018)

Why Calendar?

You can trust Calendar (and the team behind it) to deliver the quality and support you expect and deserve.

  • Top Notch Support
    • We pride ourselves on our level of customer support. Ask anyone around the Craft CMS community. We simply strive to offer the best support for our customers!
  • 13+ Years Experience
    • Solspace has been developing, maintaining and supporting software for over 13 years to over 10,000 customers! Over 300,000 add-ons have been sold or freely downloaded.
  • Active Development
    • Calendar is one of the most popular third party plugins for Craft CMS, and it has a proven history of active development for years.


Price includes 1 year of updates.
$79/year per site for updates after that.

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