Use this plugin to connect Craft to any custom Celigo « My API » endpoint using the twig variable.

Setting up your endpoints

You will first need to configure your custom My API celigo endpoints (and their scripts/configurations) on Celigo.

Once you have your API ID and token, head to the plugin settings and add them to the table.

You will need to choose a handle to refer to each API in your code.

As an extra safety measure, you can use environment variables for your credentials.

Basic usage

Once your endpoints are configured, you can build your requests directly from your twig templates using the plugin's variable.

You will need the HTTP method with which you want to call your API*, the custom endpoint you created in the previous step, and optionally the parameters you want to pass to the API.

{% set response = craft.celigo.get('my-custom-handle') %}
{% set response ='my-custom-handle', {
    param1: "value1",
    param2: "value2",
    param3: [
        subParam1: "value3",
        subParam2: "value4"
}) %}

Your API’s response will be converted from JSON to a twig object.

Let's say your API returns this JSON response:

    "weather": {
        "id": 420,
        "main": "Rain",
        "description": "moderate rain"

You'll be able to output moderate rain using

**Available HTTP methods: GET - POST - PUT - UPDATE - DELETE - PATCH*


You can listen for errors by checking the error property {{ response.error }}. For error 4XX and 5XX, the debugError property will contain the full API’s response data as an object you can dump:

{% if response.error is defined %}
    {{ dump(response.debugError) }}
{% endif %}

For early development, you can just dump any of your response with:

{{ dump(response) ?? "" }}


This plugin mostly acts like an API bridge between your Craft project and any existing Celigo MyAPI endpoints. However, and because Celigo’s solution is very complete, sensible data can easily be obtained and dealed with. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your script's behaviours and for the usage or display of the data you can manipulate with this plugin.

Orbital-flight is not linked to Celigo ;-)


Plus $10/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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