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Working with invoices and credit-notes can be a bittle of a hassle. By default, Craft Commerce allows you to create a pdf of an order. But what if this order changes? What if you have a gap in your numbering due to unpaid/cancelled orders? Invoices should be sequentially numbered and immutable, at least, if you don't live in the Bahama's;) And what if a customer returns some products, and you want to re-stock your inventory and send the customer a credit note? With Commerce Invoices you can do all those things, and more. You can even ensure that your invoices are complient and make your accountant happy.

Commerce Invoices is an extension for Craft Commerce that allows you to:

  • Create PDF invoices for orders (automatically if they reach a certain status, or manually)
  • (Partially) Credit an invoice, create a credit-invoice and send it to your client.
  • Automatically re-stock your inventory when you (partially) credit a order
  • Keep a solid invoice history, immutable and irreversible so that your accountant will be a happy man (or woman, or any other pronoun)
  • Jump start your invoicing with pre-built templates

This plug-in is now in "beta". Please back-up your site before using it.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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