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Picqer plugin - Stock management has never been this easy!

Stock management has never been this easy!

Use the official Picqer plugin to integrate your Craft Commerce webshop to warehouse management software Picqer. This plugin offers an extremely useful solution to warehouse-based webshops that want to refine their internal processes so that they can be of even better service to their customers. And save a lot of time by efficiently managing their stock.

With this plugin you can

  • easily connect your Craft CMS project to your Picqer account
  • automatically create incoming webhooks from Picqer in Craft
  • synchronize all product stock changes in Picqer with Craft
  • synchronize all order status changes in Picqer with Craft
  • map specific Picqer order status to a Craft order status. Craft order status will be updated automatically when the Picqer order status changes.
  • push Craft Commerce orders to Picqer when a Craft order status changes
  • push product prices when pushing orders.
  • automatically create missing products when a Commerce order is pushed to Picqer.
  • allocate stock in Picqer when a Craft order status changes
  • fast stock updates, update product stock directly in the database without running normal product saving routine (may affect other plugins).
  • display Picqer status and details in Craft customer account pages

📦 Stock management has never been this easy!

Picqer for Craft CMS is brought to you by WHITE Digital Agency


Plus $29/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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June 15, 2022
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