Webshipper for Craft Commerce

This plugin provides an Webshipper integration for Craft Commerce.


This plugin requires Craft CMS 3.5.0 and Craft Commerce 3.2.9 or later.


You can install this plugin from the Plugin Store or with Composer.

From the Plugin Store

Go to the Plugin Store in your project’s Control Panel and search for “Webshipper”. Then click on the “Install” button in its modal window.

With Composer

Open your terminal and run the following commands:

# go to the project directory
cd /path/to/my-project.test

# tell Composer to load the plugin
composer require quantity-digital/commerce-webshipper

# tell Craft to install the plugin
./craft install/plugin commerce-webshipper


This plugin will, after you have filled in the required settings on the settings page, add a new field on Craft's default shipping methods, where you can connect a shipping method in Craft to the shipping method in Webshipper.

All syncronizations between Craft and Webshipper is handled automaticly using Craft Queue.

Tip: The Account name, Secret token and webhook token can be set to environment variables. See Environmental Configuration in the Craft docs for more information.


To get droppoints on the front, you can call the endpoint /craftapi/webshipper/droppoint/locator, after the shipping address has been added, to receive available droppoints based on the selected shipping address.

Webhook support

This plugin currently supports the following webhooks:

  • shipments/created


Package Name

To install this plugin, search for its package name on the Plugin Store and click “Install”.


  • Version 1.0.23
  • Last Update 10/18/2021
  • Active Installs 5
  • Compatibility Craft 3
  • License MIT
  • Categories Ecommerce, Integrations

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