Contact Form Extensions

Craft Contact Form Extensions

Adds extensions to the Craft CMS contact form plugin.

  • Save submissions to the database and view them in the Control Panel
  • Add a confirmation email that is sent to the submitting email
  • Overwrite the default e-mail template
  • Add an invisible reCAPTCHA to your forms

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This plugin is licensed under a MIT license, which means that it's completely free open source software, and you can use it for whatever and however you wish. If you're using it and want to support the development, buy me a beer over at Beerpay!



This plugin requires Craft CMS 3 and the Contact Form plugin.

Overwriting the email templates

When you overwrite the email templates, your twig view will receive a submission variable which contains all the information that a default Contact Form submission contains:

  • fromName
  • fromEmail
  • subject
  • message
  • attachment

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