This plugin is no longer maintained.
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WARNING! As of April 2024 this is a discontinued commercial plugin and should not be installed without a previously purchased license. For more information, see:


Say hello to CP Filters!

This jolly fellow allows advanced filtering for entries, assets, categories, users, and tags in the Craft control panel. You can save your filters to run over and over again to your heart's content, and you can even export your results as a CSV.

When you have many thousands of elements and entries in a Craft site, the basic search on the entries list in the control panel isn't much help when you're seriously trying to search and filter your content - even on the off chance you know how to use the advanced syntax (and good luck explaining to a non-savvy content admin how to use syntax like body::"salty dog").

Even if you're a pro with that search box, there is no native way to filter by multiple criteria in the control panel. But there is now...with CP Filters!

If you have a site with zillions of entries, and you need to filter those by multiple criteria: CP Filters is your man. Tally ho!

This plugin is no longer maintained.

Plus $290/year after one year.

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To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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