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Stop searching for stock images and simply generate them instead!

This Craft CMS Plugin adds a new fieldtype to Craft which acts exactly like a normal Asset selection field, but additionally allows you to generate images using the Open AI DALL-E API.


  • Generate DALL-E images with custom prompts directly Craft's Control Panel
  • Set common prompt prefixes and suffixes to maintain a consistent art style for specific Asset fields
  • Generate 'variations' of an image to provide several similar options
  • Convert square DALL-E images to landscape by generating additional edge content (optionally with a different prompt!)
  • Selected images are stored as regular image Assets in Craft

Rate Limiting

The Open AI API is currently in beta and has a Rate Limit of 10 images per 60s in place. It is quite easy to hit this limit using this plugin. If you do hit the limit you will not be charged for failed image generations and you'll need to a simply wait a little while for it to reset.

Plus $25/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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