Gonzo — The Pattern Library (Beta)


!IMPORTANT NOTE! This plugin is currently under development and requires a special structure in your templates folder to be used. Please scroll to the Structure example to learn more. If you have any recommendations on how to improve it please create a ticket on GitHub.

Thank you very much David & Martin

Gonzo is the Pattern Library with less effort. You've just created config files to bring your components in the library. It's quite simple. You need no third party tool to have a pattern library. Just write your code as usual but start not with dummy hard written content in your templates. You also need entries in the backend (just some images) to fill your components. Each component have an config.php file and here is all the magic. It's a huge advantage to use gonzo.

The developer can create components decoupled from templates or whole pages. Focus on the component and build all variants for your specific component. When you are done set the status to review or something else and give it back to the designer to get an approval. The whole team can see the component status and it's clear for all what's done and what's on development.

A second huge benefit for the team is that you can see all you components on one place. What's not in the library does not exist. It's really clear someone can check which buttons are currently on the project.

Third benefit is you can discuss about specific components with the client without lose the focus.

It's a living library and if your project grows your library will grow too!


Price includes 1 year of updates.
$19/year per site for updates after that.

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