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Prism Syntax Highlighting

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This plugin enables a new field type called "Prism Syntax Highlighter" within the control panel. When used in an entry, a code block will appear and you can enter highlighted text from a choice of over ~170 different languages.

Code blocks are fully themeable, and it includes all of Prism's default themes. Additional themes can also be added by configuring them in the settings area. You can even have multiple themes and languages running at once!


  • Syntax highlighting in realtime
  • Over 170 different supported syntaxes
  • Ships with 8 default themes, and supports adding custom themes
  • Line numbers
  • Configurable tab widths and editor height
  • Shortcut keys (indentation and undo/redo)
  • Support for Matrices & Supertables
  • Works with Live Preview

Coming soon:

  • Redactor support. Insert code blocks within your content
  • Automatic rendering on the front end (including styles + scripts)
Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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Last release
September 14, 2020