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Email Content Editor for Craft 4 offers a solution for developers who want to quickly give content managers or authors more control over their system messaging and commerce emails such as:

  • Account Activations
  • Password reset messages
  • Order shipped or order confirmations
  • Any custom system messages added by plugins or modules

It allows users to author their message in a Craft CMS entry so that they can make use of all the tools and functionality it has to offer without having to schedule time with a Craft CMS developer.

This means that content managers can take full advantage of the intuitive authoring experience of Craft CMS, creating visually appealing and efficient system messages using techniques such as page builder fields.

As with Craft CMS entries, other benefits of installing Email Content Editor for Craft CMS include the ability to:

  • Preview an entry as it is created in-browser
  • Check the message is optimised for different devices
  • Send test messages from the Entry edit page for quality assurance

Email Content Editor for Craft CMS has been created to streamline and make processes easier for authors and Craft CMS content creators. Reducing the need to schedule frequent small changes with website developers, it offers efficiency and flexibility and will prove to be a real game changer when it comes to creating system messaging and commerce emails.

Developer’s note:

Email Content Editor gives authors all the power and benefits of Entries for their system messages and commerce emails. Developers need only set up an entry type as an email, create the template and add the email settings field.

Craft 5 coming soon…

Plus $15/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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