Facebook Conversion

Implementation of the Facebook Conversion API in Craft CMS and Craft Commerce. The Conversions API allows advertisers to send web events from their servers directly to Facebook. Server events are linked to a pixel and are processed like browser pixel events. This means that server events are used in measurement, reporting, and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events.


  • Facebook Pixel implementation via template hook
  • When a user clicks on an external link in Facebook a Click-ID is added via the fbcid parameter. The parameter gets stored in the session and will be used to identify the user on later events, even when all Cookies are blocked.
  • Send user search queries to Facebook as web event
  • Send Craft Commerce purchase events to Facebook
  • Send Craft Commerce cart events to Facebook

About the Facebook Server Events

Server events are linked to your pixel and behave like browser pixel events in the following ways:

  • They’re used for the same types of ad optimization, including conversion optimization and value optimization.
  • They appear in most of the same surfaces, including Ads Manager and Events Manager.
  • They obey the same Facebook controls and restrictions, like our Off-Facebook Activity tool and the Facebook Business Tools Terms.

When you use Conversions API along with other Facebook Business Tools, you can gain additional insights into the people who interact with your business.

Best practice is to use Conversions API in addition to the Facebook pixel. The Facebook pixel continues to be an effective Business Tool in cases where your customers have unblocked cookies on their web browsers, or if they use web browsers that have not yet blocked cookies by default. Conversions API doesn’t use cookies, so web browser settings don’t impact your ability to send data from customers that have provided you with all necessary consents (if any). Used together, the pixel and Conversions API will maximize the effectiveness of your website customer data.


Price includes 1 year of updates.
$5/year per site for updates after that.

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