This plugin is no longer maintained.
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Note: Field Labels is no longer supported, due to its field label/instruction overriding ability being added to Craft 3.5. If you are a user of Field Labels upgrading to Craft 3.5 or later Craft 3 releases, please check to confirm that Field Labels 1.3 has successfully migrated your field label/instruction overrides to the Craft 3.5 format, then uninstall Field Labels.

Users of Craft 3.1-3.4 may continue to use Field Labels 1.2.4, users of Craft 2 may continue to use Relabel 0.1.3, and the license allows you to fork this project and make any changes that you require.

The following description applies to Field Labels 1.2.4.

A Craft CMS plugin that allows overriding field labels and instructions for individual entry and element types in the field layout designer. This is useful for when you want to tailor the name or instructions of a field to a particular area, without having to create another (essentially identical) field.

If you want to hide a field's name or instructions, rather than replace them -- Field Labels can do that, too! Just check the Hide Name and/or the Hide Instructions boxes in the Field Labels relabelling modal window.

Field Labels supports overriding the names and instructions on any custom fields used with:

Note: This is the plugin originally released for Craft 2 as Relabel. When installing Field Labels on a Craft 3 project that was upgraded from Craft 2 and had Relabel for Craft 2 installed, the previous Relabel data will automatically be migrated for use with Field Labels.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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