Temporarily lock certain users out of the control panel.

When Lockout is enabled, any non-admin users will be effectively blocked from accessing the CP. Useful if you ever need to make some structural changes and want to prevent new content from being added to the production DB during that time.


To enable Lockout, simply toggle the lightswitch. It's that simple!

There is also a message setting where you can pass a custom message to the error screen your users will see when they are locked out.


In cases where you're using Project Config and allowAdminChanges is set to false you won't be able to enable/disable Lockout via the plugin settings. Instead you'll want to add the Lockout widget to your CP dashboard - it provides the same functionality as the lightswitch on the plugin settings page.


Lockout also provides two console commands for use in your deployment scripts:

./craft lockout/lockout/enable      // Restrict non-admin users from accessing the CP.

./craft lockout/lockout/disable     // Allow non-admin users to access the CP.


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