OAuth 2.0 Client

This plugin provides developers with an easy centralized approach to managing and storing OAuth 2.0 clients and tokens.

It exposes an easy to use API and frontend for authorizing tokens, so all you have to worry about is the business logic of your integration. We even provide an a boilerplate UI you can render in your plugin or module with a single line of code that allows users to login to an OAuth 2 provider.


  • Simple API for integrating League OAuth Providers
  • Lots of events for developers
  • CLI for refreshing tokens
  • Project config support
  • 1-line Twig helper for generating authentication UI in your module

Out of the box, the following providers are supported:

  • Google
  • GitHub
  • Facebook

Example Use Cases

  • Building a custom CRM integration
  • Reading from and writing to Google Sheets
  • Querying data on a business' Facebook page

What this isn't for

  • Logging in users on the frontend
  • Allowing users to access the CP via social accounts
  • Keeping track of many CMS users' social accounts


Package Name

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