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This plugin is no longer maintained.
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OnePlugin – Create a Craft 3.0 Site with just one field!

OnePlugin includes all of the following features:

  • Editable SVGs
  • Embed videos with a simple link
  • Embed social posts
  • Google Maps with or without an API key
  • Editable animated icons
  • Embed functional docs including, PPT, Word and Excel
  • Embed websites
  • Embed Hubspot marketing forms
  • Image optimisation

OnePlugin – Fields: makes adding media types to your Craft CMS 3 site simple. With 9 supported media types and intelligent HTML rendering, add one or all to a standalone field or inside Matrix blocks without changing your code.

OnePlugin – Fields understands media types intelligently and serves assets as efficiently as possible. With media types inheriting the twig file render parameters inherent to the field or matrix block specified.

OnePlugin takes content management to the next level with content that is editable from within Craft 3’s control panel. Switching between assets is managed in just three clicks.

OnePlugin Fields

Exclusive animated icons

Animated icons only available via OnePlugin – Fields. Editable to match your style guide, with fresh content released weekly:

  • Edit primary and secondary colours
  • Edit line stroke thickness; and
  • Select from over 150+ & counting icons from a range of categories

Optimised images

Lightweight, converted, compressed, and served via a simple URL:

  • Converted to modern file types like Webpack
  • Fallback image tags, supporting older browsers
  • Optimise larger files based on the percent you set
  • Configurable to allow for image upscaling
  • Saved automatically to the storage volume you set
  • Videos embedded via a URL

Video content

Embed videos via a simple URL and save on hosting all the while:

  • Taking advantage of professional grade video players
  • World class video encoding and compression, and
  • Utilising enterprise grade Content Display Networks configured to serve video

Embed google maps

Embed Google Maps in just 3 clicks, with or without an API key:

  • With an exact address, or
  • Search addresses with Google Maps API with your key enabled

Contact and marketing forms

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can take advantage of external CRMs like Klaviyo or Vimeo and take advantage of organised lists, unsubscription requests and more:

  • Embed Marketing forms via a URL; and
  • Add as many forms as you like, where you like

Bring offline content to the masses

Embed functional document into your Craft 3 template simply with

  • PDFs, PowerPoint, Word docs, and Excel to name a few, and
  • Save time, when by filtering out unsupported files types

Embed third party content with ease

Embed social feeds

  • Embed websites
  • Add social posts and feeds including to name a few
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest

Editable SVG packs - MIT licensed Feather icons Tabler icons

This plugin is no longer maintained.

Plus $49/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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December 9, 2021
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