Preview your content on tablet & mobile in the device emulator and add additional target templates for users to switch to, all within the primary Live Preview window.

Check out the introductory video.


There are two parts to Portal right now and both affect Live Preview.

Device Emulator

The device emulator is a tool that lets your users preview their content as it will look on different device screens, for simplicity there are only three options: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

You can switch between devices, change the orientation and also the zoom level.

If you wish to disable this feature then add the following to config/portal.php:


return [
    'showLivePreviewDeviceEmulator' => true


Targets are alternative templates that you want to make available to Live Preview, you can add them by going to the Portal tab in the main navigation.

If you have multiple Sites then you can load different templates for each Site, as well as restrict a Target to either a Section or Category Group.

Once you have a Target added you will see a select input appear in the Live Preview window allowing your users to efficiently preview their content across multiple templates.


Price includes 1 year of updates.
$9/year per site for updates after that.

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