Purchase Patterns

Purchase Patterns

Use the craft.purchasePatterns.related function in your templates to get related products that customers also bought.

ProductQueryExtended related ( Product|Order $target [, int $limit = 8 [, ProductQuery $paddingQuery = null ] ] )

The function returns a ProductQueryExtended, so you can include additional query parameters as needed. The id parameter is already set and shouldn't be overridden.

{% set customersAlsoBought = craft.purchasePatterns.related(
).fixedOrder(true).all() %}

Setting fixedOrder to true will sort the products by times purchased together.

The paddingQuery allows you to specify a ProductQuery that will be used to pad out the related results if they fall below the given limit. This query should NOT include things like order, limit, or execution commands like all.

{% set customersAlsoBought = craft.purchasePatterns.related(
).orderBy('random()').all() %}

Editor's Note: random() is Postgres specific. Use RAND() for MySQL.

Extended Product Query

The extended product query allows you to sort the products by qtyCount and orderCount. It extends the base product query, to you can use it the same way as you would craft.products. The related query above returns an extended query, as does:

{% set products = craft.purchasePatterns.extended().orderBy('orderCount DESC').all() %}


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  • Version 1.1.5
  • Last Update 3/18/2020
  • Active Installs 23
  • Compatibility Craft 3
  • License Craft
  • Categories Ecommerce, Templating

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