Regex Replace Twig Filter

This plugin adds PHP's preg_replace function as a Twig filter.


{{ entry.heading|preg_replace('~pattern~', 'replacement') }}

Any backslashes in the regular expression must to be double-escaped \\ to work properly.

How is this different from Craft's replace filter?

In short, the preg_replace filter offers a more direct call to PHP's preg_replace function.

Craft's filter allows for both normal string and regex replacements but slightly limits the regex replacement functionality.

Example 1

preg_replace allows you to use any delimiter, while replace works only with forward slashes /.

{{ entry.heading|preg_replace('~pattern~', 'replacement') }}

Example 2

The replace filter performs str_replace when an array is passed and always ignores the $limit parameter.

preg_replace binds all it's parameters to PHP's function.

This allows you to pass arrays for the $pattern and $replacement parameters, and an integer for the $limit parameter.

{{ entry.heading|preg_replace(['~pattern1~', '~pattern2~'], ['replacement1', 'replacement2'], 3) }}


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