A collection of powerful Twig filters for modifying HTML. Here are some of the things Retcon can do:

  • Add attributes (e.g. class="foobar", style="color:red;" or data-foo) to any selector (e.g. p, img, span.foobar etc)
  • Remove attributes for any given selector (e.g. remove style attribute for all p tags)
  • Append to attributes
  • Remove DOM nodes by selector (e.g. remove all span tags)
  • Remove everything but given selectors (e.g. remove everything except img tags)
  • Transform inline images (it even uses Imager, if installed)
  • Add srcset or lazyloading to inline images
  • Inject strings or HTML content
  • Change tag names for given selectors (e.g. change all occurrences of <p> to <span>)

...and much more! Check out the Wiki for complete docs and examples.

Update: Retcon is now using Symfony's DomCrawler component for much more powerful selectors. It's basically jQuery now!

This plugin will be free forever


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  • Version 2.3.0
  • Last Update 10/22/2021
  • Active Installs 3,413
  • Compatibility Craft 3
  • License MIT
  • Categories Templating

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