Route Map is a plugin to help bridge the routing gap between frontend technologies like Vue/React and Craft CMS. Using Route Map, you can define your routes in Craft CMS as usual, and use an XHR to get a list of the routes in JSON format for use in your Vue/React frontend (it converts blog/{slug} dynamic routes to /blog/:slug).

This allows you to create your routes dynamically in Craft CMS using the AdminCP, and have them translate automatically to your frontend framework of choice.

Route Map also assists with ServiceWorkers by providing a list of all of the URLs on your Craft CMS site, or just the specific sections you're interested in. You can limit the URLs returned via any ElementQuery criteria, and Route Map can even return a list of URLs to all of the Assets that a particular Entry uses (whether in Assets fields, or embedded in Matrix blocks).

This allows you, for instance, to have a ServiceWorker that will automatically pre-cache the latest 5 blog entries on your site, as well as any images displayed on those pages, so that they will work with offline browsing.

Route Map maintains a cache of each requested set of URLs for excellent performance for repeated requests. This cache is automatically cleared whenever entries are created or modified.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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July 17, 2022
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