The Secrets plugin allows you to store and manage secrets in an encrypted file.

There are some benefits to storing secrets this way, instead of the conventional approach of storing them as plaintext in the .env file.

  1. Secrets are encrypted and cannot be revealed without the encryption key.
  2. The encrypted file can be committed to your repository, meaning you avoid having to send secrets in plaintext to other developers. You also end up with a history of changes to the file.
  3. If secrets change or are rotated then there is only one file that needs to be updated.


Package Name

To install this plugin, search for its package name on the Plugin Store and click “Install”.


  • Version 1.0.0
  • Last Update 7/5/2021
  • Active Installs 6
  • Compatibility Craft 3
  • License MIT
  • Categories Security, Development

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