Servd Assets and Helpers

Use this plugin to make use of Servd's built-in asset storage service and integrate deeply with additional Servd functionality.

  • Asset management for Servd projects
  • (Nearly) zero-config
  • Automatically separates local, staging and production assets
  • Built-in CDN + edge caching for super-fast delivery to users
  • Zero config, off-server image transforms - never worry about image resizing ruining your life again
  • Full page static caching

Coming soon

  • Environment syncing from within the plugin
  • Fine-grained cache busting for Servd's static cache


To make use of this plugin within Servd's staging and production environments you just need to create a new Volume and pop in a base URL which should be set to - that's it, no other config required!

To use this plugin locally you'll need to obtain your Servd project's slug and security key and add them to the Volume's settings. You can find those in the Servd dashboard on the Assets page.

More docs soon...


Package Name

To install this plugin, search for its package name on the Plugin Store and click “Install”.


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