Testimonial Slider

The testimonial section is very important for your business as It's one of the first things people look for when they come to your site to see what other people have to say about your company. A testimonial Slider is a custom element that is designed to add customer reviews and client testimonials to the website. It gives you the facility to implement a simple and customizable slider on your website’s homepage and create client confidence with legitimate testimonials.

By using Testimonial Slider you can display your customer’s reviews and testimonials in a clean, attractive, and professional way. You can easily customize the testimonial appearance with its simple and handy customization options like - Headings, Testimonial tile or headline, Content, Background color, etc. Make your testimonials look like they belong to your theme. The testimonial area can be seen on any platform or device with ease.

This Testimonial Slider for Craft CMS provides a user-friendly interface that anyone, regardless of experience or skill level, may use. Install with a single click and you're ready to start adding client testimonials…


● Easily Customizable Elements and developer-friendly. ● Based on Tailwind CSS. ● Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Testimonial Interface. ● Customize Navigation dots for the front end. ● Easy to Use. ● Quick to Install, and many other advanced features are available.


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