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Tables Field for Sprout Forms

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Tables Field for Sprout Forms

This custom field plugin integrates with Barrel Strength's Sprout Forms plugin to provide table field. Simply drag and drop into your forms, choose a few column names and you are good to go.

Custom Notification Email

If you would like to output the table nicely in the notification email, you will have to create a custom email.html template. Here is my basic custom email template that more nicely formats the table values. For example, you could add this file to site-name/web/_emails/email.html.

Once you have created the email.html, update the Sprout Forms notification's general settings to point the templates at your own template. Following the example, you would set the template to _emails.

Lastly, update the "Tables field for Sprout Forms" plugin settings by changing the JSON Decode Table Values to true. If all goes well, you can test the notification by clicking on the eye icon under the Sprout Forms Notifications page in the Craft back-end.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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