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Sprout Forms is an online form builder for Craft CMS that makes it easy for content authors to manage complex forms while also giving a wonderful amount of control for designers and developers.

Get up and running with a single line of code or take the time to create custom Form & Email templates to fit your specific requirements. Sprout Forms makes every effort possible to provide a familiar Craft-friendly user experience to authors, give designers control over every detail on the front-end, and provide developers flexible APIs to extend and integrate website forms into custom workflows and services.

  • Drag & Drop UI - Easy to use, Craft-friendly UI for Content Editors
  • Fields, Fields! - 22 default fields and, if that's not enough, a Custom Field API
  • Custom Form Templates - Developers can customize every detail of Form HTML
  • Accessible Form Templates - Default Form Templates follow many WCAG 2.0 best practices
  • Data Integrations - Submit data to Sprout Forms, Craft Elements, or custom API Integrations
  • Conditional Logic - Present your users just the fields they need. Show and hide fields with conditional rules.
  • Spam Protection - Protect your forms from evil robots
  • Notifications - Send notifications to users and admins. Customize your Email Templates.
  • Reports - Run reports and export Form Entries as CSV files.

See the Sprout Forms documentation to learn more about Sprout Forms.



Plus $29/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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