Sprout Redirects

Smart redirect management

  • Monitor 404 errors and easily convert errors to 301 or 302 redirects
  • Manage redirects for broken URLs or URLs that change
  • Manage brand URLs
  • Drag and drop redirects into the order that they should apply
  • Perform bulk actions to enable, disable, and update redirects
  • Advanced redirect rules using regular expressions
  • Intuitive, Craft-friendly design using Redirect Element Type and Structures

Sprout Redirects Lite includes a free 404 tracking tool to ensure you know where problems exist on your site.

Multi-site support

Redirects can be managed for multiple sites, including multi-lingual, and multi-regional sites.

Website migrations

Maintain SEO value and search positions with flexible redirect tools during website migrations. Import redirects in bulk via CSV file, test redirects using temporary 302 redirects to avoid having redirects cached by browsers, and deploy 301 redirects with bulk actions.

Better SEO

A full-featured, integrated version of Sprout Redirects is included when you purchase a license to Sprout SEO. Sprout SEO provides you an intuitive, seamless, and flexible way to manage your SEO strategy within Craft CMS and Craft Commerce (and Craft CMS Multi-Site) – including redirect and sitemap management tools.


  • 404 Tracking



Price includes 1 year of updates.
$19/year per site for updates after that.

  • Redirect Manager
  • Bulk Actions
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Website Migrations

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