Translated plugin for Craft CMS 3.x

Website Internationalisation is fine until you need to suddenly need to speak 10 different languages and fluently enough to translate technical content. This is where the fabulous Translated plugin steps in. Select a page. Click the Translate button. Send it to the Translated translation service. Approve the quote. Receive the translated content back directly in Craft and sync it to the original Craft entry. Et voilà!

There are no nasty surprises. The Translated plugin displays a quote from Translated, so you know what the translation will cost in advance!*

With Translated's tiered service levels (Economy, Premium or Professional) it is easy to control costs. Use the Economy level for the less important pages and Professional for key pages where the translation needs to be spot on.

The Translated plugin puts content authors in full control. Translate what you want, when you want. With 195 languages covered and 40 areas of expertise, the Translated plugin is perfect for maintaining the content for multi-language websites on an ongoing basis.

Although Translated can be used to translate content for a new website, it is more useful for managing content and requesting ad-hoc translations once a website has been built.

*The estimate is based on word count, which the plugin automatically generates from the extracted content. This should be accurate; however, it is possible that the invoiced amount differs lightly from the estimate due to a final word count. This could be slightly lower or higher than the estimated amount.

Please note that as this plugin is being provided for free there is very limited support. This doesn’t mean the plugin is rubbish!

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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