Weglot Integration

This plugin provides to switch language easily via Weglot. Weglot translates automatically instead of you.



You need to get API Key from Weglot Dashboard, and please save it on setting page. This plugin uses "JavaScript Integration". Please click "Use JavaScript Integration", when you set up a Weglot Project.

How to use

Twig Extension

Automatically translation

UPDATE You don't need to use Twig filter. This plugin adds script tag automatically.

You can see a language switcher lower right. The page will be translated automatically if you switch other language.

Manually translation

Use bellow Twig filter if you want to translate manually.

{{ '攻殻機動隊' | weglot_translate('ja', 'en') }}
Ghost in the Shell.


You can also translate using plugin's service in your PHP Code.

$text = 'Spirited Away';
$from = 'en';
$to = 'ja';
$translated = \ippey\weglotintegration\Weglotintegration::getInstance()->weglotService->translate($text, $from, $to);
echo ($translated); // 千と千尋の神隠し


Package Name

To install this plugin, search for its package name on the Plugin Store and click “Install”.


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