This plugin is no longer maintained. The developer recommends using Xero for Craft Commerce instead.
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ALERT: This plugin has been deprecated in favour of Xero for Craft Commerce 2 & 3 that supports OAuth 2.0.

This plugin is no longer maintained and is for those still using the deprecated OAuth1.0a method of connecting to Xero.

All new issues and pull requests should be created on the new repository.

Xero integration for Craft Commerce


This plugin allows you to automatically send invoices to Xero including contacts, payments and even inventory updates.

Once connected the plugin allows you to map your Chart of Accounts (Account Codes) including:

  • sales revenue
  • accounts receivable
  • shipping/develiery
  • rounding

By default all fully paid orders will be pushed into the queue (you'll need to ensure you're processing the queue freqeuently) with a delay of 30 seconds (this is reduce the time customers spend waiting for their order to process) and then once the queue has dispatched the job, the invoice will be sent to Xero.

If you need to send existing orders to Cero you can do so by viewing an order and you'll see a "Send to Xero" button which will instantly send the order off to Xero. This button also currently acts as a way to see if an order is already in Xero.

What fields are sent to Xero

Below is a list of fields that is sent to Xero. In future versions hooks/events will be avaialbe if you require more information to be sent.


  • first name
  • last name
  • email


  • status (AUTHORISED)
  • type (ACCREC)
  • contact (as above)
  • LineAmountType (Exclusive) (future versions will be configurable)
  • Invoice Number (order referrence)
  • SentToContact (invoices are marked as sent)
  • Due Date (now)

Line Items

  • account code (sales)
  • description (product tile)
  • quantity
  • unit amount (item total)
  • Item Code (sku) (if inventory is enabled)

Shipping adjustments

  • same as above but account is set to you defined shipping account.


  • account (receivable account)
  • reference (order transaction reference)
  • amount (total paid amount)
  • date (date paid)


Due to how different systems calculate rounding if for whatever reason the order total is different to what Xero calculates, an additional line item to account for rounding is added in Xero. Please ensure you have this account code selected under settings.

More detailed documentation to coming soon.

Feature requests 🙏

As this plugin is still in active development now is a good time to suggest new features. Feel free to contact me via email or create a GitHub issue.

Roadmap 🚀

  • Improve documentation
  • Configure Crafts new testing framework to ensure new features don't cause unexpected issues.
  • Add multiple hooks/events so developers can further extend if required
  • Refunds support
  • Admin features like element actions, widgets and different syncing methods


Either by the plugin store (search "Xero") or via composer.

composer require thejoshsmith/craft-commerce-xero


This plugin requires Craft CMS 3.1.0 or later and Craft Commerce 2.0 / 3.0 or later.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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