Craftagram is the best and only solution you need for adding any Instagram feed to your Craft website. Here’s why…

  • It uses the official API, which means your website will never get blacklisted, unlike plugins that scrape Instagram for content.
  • There is a reduced risk of your integration suddenly breaking if Instagram makes any changes.
  • Want pagination for your feed? Craftagram has this covered.
  • Craftagram handles the initial generation of the Long Access Token programatically, removing the need to locate and copy-and-paste any tokens from the URL.
  • The Long Access Token needs to be refreshed every 60 days to remain active. You can set-up Craftagram to automatically refresh the token by hitting the correct plugin action from a CRON task. No longer worry about loosing your feed because you missed your diary reminder.
  • Switching is simple using the provided step-by-step instructions.
  • Easily cache the feed using Craft’s native cache.
  • We have kept the price low, so it won’t break the bank

Change management is key to building any website. If you manage a single or multiple client websites, then save yourself a headache by using Craftagram.

Setting up your Facebook App

:warning: Important note on step 6 – your valid OAuth Redirect URI has to be the URL for the base site, do not try to use individual multi-site URLs. The base site URL will be appended with a state parameter ensuring that the correct site is targeted on the response from Instagram

  1. Go to, click My Apps, and create a new app. Select Consumer as your app type, and fill out the required information.
  2. Once you have created the app and are in the App Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Basic, scroll the bottom of page, and click Add Platform.
  3. Choose Website, add your website’s URL, and save your changes.
  4. Click 'Add Product' on the left hand side menu, locate the Instagram Basic Display product, and click Set Up to add it to your app.
  5. Click Basic Display under Products > Instagram in the sidebar, scroll to the bottom of the page, then click Create New App, and name your app whatever you like.
  6. When presented with the app page, complete each section using the below:
    • Valid OAuth Redirect URIs Enter your Primary Site base URL, appended with /actions/craftagram/default/auth (i.e.
    • Deauthorize Callback URL and Data Deletion Request Callback URL Use the same URL as above.
    • Ignore App Review, as we do not recommend that you publish your app. You can use the app indefinitely in development mode.
    • Save Changes
  7. Navigate to Roles > Roles and scroll down to the Instagram Testers section. Click Add Instagram Testers and enter the name of the Instagram account you're linking up.
  8. Open a new web browser and go to and sign into your Instagram account that you just invited. Navigate to (Profile Icon) > Settings > Apps and Websites > Tester Invites and accept the invitation.

That's it! You won't need any extra setup now. What you will need to do is go to Products > Instagram > Basic Display and scroll down to Instagram App ID and Instagram App Secret, as you'll need to add these in the next step.

Configuring craftagram

Go to the settings page for craftagram and enter your App ID and App Secret from the step above into the required boxes, and hit 'Save'. When the page refreshes, you'll see there's a new button Authorise Craft. Click that button to go to instagram to complete the authorisation procedure.

Tip: The App ID and App Secret settings can be set to environment variables. See Environmental Configuration in the Craft docs to learn more about that.

Instagram may challenge you with a login screen, so handle that, then click 'Authorize'. You will be redirected back to Craft with the Long Access Token field populated.

:warning: Check you're logged in to the correct account before you try to authenticate (or don't be logged in at all). If you're logged in with a different user in the current browser session, you're going to have issues.

Plus $5/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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