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Manage reports with ease using webdna reports. This plugin is designed to get the information and reporting style you need, directly from your Craft CMS or Craft Commerce site.

Essentially, the webdna Reports plugin gives developers a framework on which to build reports that can be broken down to a granular level. Organisations may find it useful for:

  • VAT reports
  • Revenue reports
  • Transactions and refunds
  • Inventory
  • Sales by category/type
  • Sales by region
  • Sales by user/groups
  • Sales by discount codes

It differs from the current reporting available as it allows developers to specify search fields or omit data. Rather than simply exporting orders, for example, developers can build rules to take into account orders that have been refunded.

Craft currently has the functionality to export CSV, XML, or JSON files for your entries, but this plugin allows for much more specific reporting. The user can create, generate, view or export reports based on the report type. It has been designed to enable developers to build custom reports beyond the standard elements that are available in Craft.

Once a developer has built a report type, users are free to run reports as often as needed. Rather than simply listing line items, webdna Reports also has the functionality to display snapshots of large amounts of relevant information on screen. This could include a graph or a summary table.

  • Run your own custom report as little or as often as you need to
  • View snapshot data on screen such as graphs or summary data
  • Run multiple reports over multiple time periods
  • Will support massive data sets for busy e-commerce sites without encountering timeout limits

At the moment you will need a developer to build your reports, but keep an eye out for future webdna reports plugin announcements. We’re currently working on a Road Map which will feature out-of-the-box ecommerce report types to enable you to run some of the more common website and commerce reports with ease.

Developer’s note: These report types are created as twig templates in the frontend templates folder allowing the website developer full control over the report types.


Plus $25/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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