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Have you ever wanted to get a visual overview of how the different elements of your Craft site fit together? Entity Diagrams enables you to do just that, producing an in-browser SVG that you can zoom and scale around, or download as an SVG file to re-use as you wish.

Supporting all the native top-level Craft elements (Entries, Categories, Tags, Users, Globals and Assets), you can choose to include all or none of an element type, or create custom document groupings that describe sub-sections of your site. Commerce Products are also supported if the Craft Commerce plugin is installed.

The plugin will scan the requested element types, and generate entity diagrams showing the element type, a list of all the fields (broken down by entry type and field layout tab) and will include connections between related element types directly from the relevant relations field.

There are options to include all fields or none and whether to expand Matrix blocks to include their sub-fields.

Using the entity-diagrams.php config file, you can add custom author links (useful if authors for a section always come from a particular user group).

You can also create custom nodes and links. These can be useful if you have custom database tables that interact with other elements of your site.

It’s a powerful tool to get a visual overview of how a complex site is structured and can be really useful for onboarding new developers or when taking over a site developed by someone else.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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