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This plugin is no longer maintained. The developer recommends using Freeform instead.
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PLEASE NOTE: Freeform 5 now includes the Surveys & Polls form type with the Pro edition. This works on both Craft 4 and Craft 5.

Expand the possibilities of Freeform with the Surveys & Polls form type! This is a plug-and-play add-on to Freeform that instantly adds far more functionality to your forms. With the Surveys & Polls form type, you get access to a special reporting area inside the control panel that allows you to view stats and charts for each field type. The reports can be customized to use different chart types and hide specific fields. You can even generate a PDF exported document to share with other members of your team.

If you already have some forms used as surveys or polls, simply switch the form type to Surveys & Polls and you'll instantly and retroactively have reports available for these forms!

Key Features

The following features are unique to the Surveys & Polls form type:

  • Review and customize survey or poll results with rich chart options for each form in the control panel.
  • Show users on the front end the results for the survey or poll for each form.
  • Export survey results as a PDF file to share with other team members.
  • Plug and play with existing forms used as surveys to retroactively unlock rich reporting instantly.

The following features are available for any form inside the core Freeform plugin, but become powerful when combined with the Surveys & Polls form type:

Why Freeform?

You can trust Freeform (and the team behind it) to deliver the quality and support you expect and deserve.

  • Top Notch Support
    • We pride ourselves on our level of customer support. Ask anyone around the Craft CMS community. We simply strive to offer the best support for our customers!
  • 15+ Years Experience
    • Solspace has been developing, maintaining and supporting software for over 15 years to over 15,000 customers! Over 400,000 add-ons have been sold or freely downloaded.
  • Active Development
    • Freeform is the most popular third party form plugin for Craft CMS, and it has a proven history of active development for years. You can preview the meaty changelog filled with countless feature additions, improvements and bug fixes.


This plugin is no longer maintained.

Plus $49/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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