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Allow your customers to purchase digital gift vouchers, which can be redeemed by other customers during checkout for a discount on their order.

Voucher Types

Create Voucher Types to group your vouchers – just like Commerce's Product Types. Each voucher type can also have as many custom fields as required.

Intelligent redemptions

If a customers order total is less than the amount on the voucher, the remainder will be available for their next checkout. Likewise, if the order total exceeds the voucher amount, they'll make up just the difference in price.

Generate PDF vouchers

Have full control over how your gift vouchers look for your customers. You can also generate these as PDFs so they'll look amazing.


Because each voucher can be used multiple times up until their specified value its important to keep track of what its being used for. Each time a voucher is used you can track the corresponding order its been used on, the amount and date.

Fixed or custom amounts

Allow your customers to set their own amount for vouchers, or provide them with set amounts to purchase. The choice is yours!

Manage expiry

Optionally set expiry dates on vouchers, ensuring you get your customers to redeem them within a reasonable timeframe. Set this globally or per-voucher.

Manually create voucher codes

Quickly create and manage your voucher codes from within the control panel, you can even create your own for special occasions.

Template examples

We've got lots of template examples to get you started, walking you through the process. We've even thrown in some PDF example templates to get you started!


Plus $30/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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