A Twig extension that helps you inline SVGs in your templates.


While Craft provides an svg() function out of the box, you need to pass an Asset element or full path every time you use it. If all of your SVGs are stored in the same (or a handful of) directories, this plugin allows you to use shorter, more convenient syntax to inline your SVG.


Install via the Plugin Store within your Craft 3 installation or using Composer:

composer require clubstudioltd/craft-inline-svg


The plugin comes with a config.php file that defines some sensible defaults.

If you want to set your own values you should create an inlinesvg.php file in your Craft /config directory. The contents of this file will get merged with the plugin defaults, so you only need to specify values for the settings you want to override.

Example Config


return [

    // Enter the paths to the directories where you store your individual SVG
    // files. Absolute paths should be used, which is simple using aliases
    // such as @webroot. (https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/config/#aliases)

    'paths' => [

    // Specify any CSS classes that you want to add to all SVGs included in
    // your templates. The classes that you specify here will be merged
    // with any passed through as the second param of `inlineSvg()`.

    'class' => 'fill-current',


You should add the paths to all of the directories where your SVG files are stored to the paths configuration array.

If you'd like to add a class to every SVG that is output you should add it to the class configuration value. Separate multiple classes with spaces.

Basic Usage

Once activated and configured you can use the inlineSvg() function in your templates.

{{ inlineSvg('icon') }}

In this example the plugin will look for a file called icon.svg in all of the configured paths and return the first match it finds.

Adding additional classes

The plugin will add any classes defined in your configuration file to the SVG output. You can add more by passing them as a second parameter:

{{ inlineSvg('icon', 'another-class') }}

You can override the classes defined in your configuration file ad hoc using the class key:

{{ inlineSvg('icon', { class: 'override-class' }) }}

this would output <svg class="override-class" ... > regardless of any other classes defined in your config file.

Adding additional parameters

You can add additional parameters by passing them as an array:

{{ inlineSvg('icon', 'my-class', { id: 'icon-1' }) }}

which would output:

<svg id="icon-1" class="my-class" ... >

Sanitising & Namespacing

As the inlineSvg() helper uses the native Craft svg() helper under the hood, you can still make use of the sanitising and namespacing it offers:

{{ inlineSvg('icon', 'my-class', { sanitize: true, namespace: true }) }}


Inspired by blade-svg

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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