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The modal component plugin provides you with a very simplistic and robust modal template. It does not make any assumptions about modal content and provides very basic styling which can be easily adjusted to your site template.

Modals created by this plugin integrate seamlessly with Craft templates and provide basic functionality like trapping focus inside modal or proper aria tags for accessibility. Beyond that, you can customize your modal in any way you want.

How to use

To use modal, you just need to use embed Twig tag with the template provided by plugin:

{% embed 'snippets-modal/modal' with {
    modalId: 'my-modal-id',
} %}

{% block content %}
Your modal content - any HTML can go there.
{% endblock %}

{% block header %}
Modal header - optional.
{% endblock %}

{% block closeText %}
Text for close button - optional, by default it is set to "x".
{% endblock %}

{% endembed %}

You can show or hide the modal in one of the two ways: using the button, or using the JS method.

To create a button that shows modal, you need to add the data-a11y-dialog-show attribute to the button and set it to the ID you set in the modalId variable passed to the modal component:

<button data-a11y-dialog-show="my-modal-id">open modal</button>

To create a button that hides modal, you need to add the data-a11y-dialog-hide attribute to the button. If you do not set it to any ID, it will close any modal currently shown.

To use JS function, you need to grab DOM object of modal contaner by using modal ID and use or _dialog.hide() method:


You can also attach behavior to modal show and hide events:

document.getElementById('my-modal-id').addEventListener('show', function (event) {
  // Do something when modal gets shown

document.getElementById('my-modal-id').addEventListener('hide', function (event) {
  // Do something when modal gets hidden

CSS styles

The modal component plugin provides two CSS files - one with very basic functionality responsible for showing and hiding modal and one with the default theme. You can disable either of them by creating a config/dialog-component.php file and setting one of these two variables to false:

public $useBaseCss = false;
public $useDefaultTheme = false;
Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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