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MultiSafepay Craft Commerce plugin

MultiSafepay has always strived to be on the frontline of innovation. By offering a comprehensive mix of over 30 payment methods, MultiSafepay’s merchants have endless possibilities when it comes to operating, both locally and in Europe. The 20.000 European online shops that MultiSafepay has already successfully integrated are testament to that.

Processing your payments with MultiSafepay is easy, and will provide your checkout with all the tools necessary to fully accommodate your consumers. The payment method mix ranges from popular payment methods, such as the various creditcard providers, to the MultiSafepay Billing Suite - which offers your consumers various postpay payment methods.

Our Craft Commerce plugin will provide you with these payment methods, along with various advantages for your webshop, such as: partial and complete refunds directly from the backend, custom order statuses and shipment notifications.

Whatever your webshops needs, MultiSafepay has it.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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