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Upgrading from "Delete Account" plugin for Craft 3? Because this is a paid alternative, I'm offering free licenses for all Craft 3 upgrades if you can send proof of it being used/active on a Craft 3 project to until 28th September 2022.

Porter is a Craft CMS plugin that is the missing toolbox for all things users.


  • Delete Account
    • Allow users to delete their account on the front end
    • Optionally send a email confirmation of account deletion
    • Customisable "keyword" the user needs to type e.g. DELETE or a user field
  • Deactivate Account
    • Allow users to deactivate their account on the front end
    • Optionally send a email confirmation of account deactivation
    • Deactivated users can optionally be deleted after X days
  • Magic Link
    • Let's users sign in via a link sent to their email inbox
    • Allow front end and/or control panel login via a link
    • Set expiry timeframe for increased security
  • Block Burner / Disposable Emails
    • Validate from 22,000+ disposable emails
    • Checks if a domain is valid and exists.
    • Checks email syntax
    • Checks the existence of MX records by querying the DNS records
  • Password Policy
    • Minimum and maximum password lengths
    • Lower case (a-z) and upper case rules (A-Z)
    • Numeric character rules (0-9)
    • Symbol rules (@,#,$ etc)


Plus $10/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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Craft 4, Craft 5
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July 11, 2024
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