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SEO for Craft CMS

SEO for Craft CMS

SEO for Craft does three things that will help your sites SEO, and does them really damn well.

The Field Type

The SEO field type helps give users an idea of how their page will look in Google, and how their pages content scores when compared to a specific keyword.

The field type allows users to manage the meta of their page in one simple and easy to use input that has the added bonus of giving them an idea of how their page will show up in a Google search.

The field also contains a Focus Keyword input and Page Score. This is used to workout how relevant a key word or phrase is to your entry and how well the page is likely to do in a search for that keyword.

The Page Score also contains a breakdown of your entries score, and tips on where it can be improved.

SEO for Craft CMS

SEO Social

SEO Advanced

The Sitemap

SEO for Craft boasts an extremely powerful, yet simple to use Sitemap manager. With automatic support for all your site’s sections and categories (with localisations taken into account), and the ability to easily add custom URLs (useful for public templates that aren’t content managed), keeping your sitemap up-to-date has never been easier.

With SEO for Craft’s sitemap manager you have complete control over what content you want to have appear on your sitemap as well as managing its change frequency and priority in your site.

SEO Sitemap

The Redirects

When moving from your old, awful site to your shiny new Craft one, you’ll want to make sure that all your old pages are redirected to their new counterparts. Redirects are easy to manage with SEO for Craft.

SEO for Crafts redirect manager lets you easily add 301 & 302 redirects, with full .htaccess style regex support!

Redirect Regex Example
To redirect from blog/2016/my-post to news/my-post you would add the following redirect:

URI: blog/([0-9]{4})/(.*) To: news/$2

SEO Redirects

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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Craft 3, Craft 4, Craft 5
Supports GraphQL
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June 6, 2024
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