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Add flexible, custom reports to your Craft author experience. Developers can quickly design interactive reports and reporting workflows for everything from CMS, CRM, Analytics, and E-Commerce data sets.

Use the simple, powerful, default Data Sources to kick-off development or build custom Data Sources that provide your editors access to exactly the data sets they need.

A Data Source can define a subset of data that exists in your Craft database (such as Craft User data or Craft Commerce Product data) or from any source that you wish to query near or far. For example, a custom Data Source could query data from a third-party API and return the results to display in you Craft interface making it easy to review or export data as part of a CMS-based workflow.

Sprout Data Studio provides several Data Sources out of the box. Use them as a starting point or copy them as a starting point for your own custom Data Sources:

  • Custom Query - Create data sets using custom database queries
  • Twig Template Query - Create data sets using custom queries in a Twig Template
  • Users - Create data sets with User and User Group data
  • Order History - Create data sets with Craft Commerce Order History data
  • Product Revenue - Create data sets with Craft Commerce Product Revenue data



Plus $49/year after one year.

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To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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