The SuperSort plugin provides a powerful Twig filter that helps with ordering an array of values — either using one of PHP's built-in methods to sort the actual values, or using custom "sort as" methods to arrange the array based on the rendered results of processing each member as a Twig object template.

Using SuperSort's "sort as" methods, you can sort an array of elements by any accessible object value — including values from Matrix blocks, attributes of related elements, math calculations, etc.


Use the supersort filter to sort an array of objects.

(You can apply supersort to any array or ElementQuery. A non-array-like source will be converted into a single-item array... which probably isn't very useful for sorting.)

Basic Sorting

The first parameter of the filter specifies the sort method.

{% set sortedSource = source | supersort('asort') %}

You can use any of PHP's built-in sort methods:

If you don't supply this first parameter, a plain vanilla asort will be applied:

{% set sortedSource = source | supersort %}

In many common cases — such as when you're sorting names, numbers, or filenames — the default 'asort' algorithm may produce unwanted results. In those cases, consider using the case-insensitive natural sorting algorithm ('natcasesort').

Advanced ("As") Sorting

You can also sort by one of SuperSort's custom methods:

  • 'sortAs'
  • 'rsortAs'
  • 'natsortAs'
  • 'natcasesortAs'

To use these methods, you will provide a second parameter, which is a Twig object template to render using each object in the array:

{% set upcomingEvents = upcomingEvents | supersort('sortAs', '{}') %}

{% set upcomingEvents = upcomingEvents | supersort('sortAs', '{{ }}') %}

(This "object template" syntax is the same as you might use to define a Dynamic Subfolder Path for an Assets field.

Sort Flags

You can optionally provide a third parameter — one of PHP's sort flags.

{% set source = source | supersort('sortAs', '{foo}', SORT_NUMERIC) %}

{% set source = source | supersort('asort', null, SORT_NUMERIC) %}

If you don't supply this third parameter, the default (SORT_REGULAR) flag is used.

Using SuperSort as a PHP helper

If you'd like to use the superSort() method as a helper in another Craft plugin or component, you can access it in PHP directly from the Sorter service:

$result = Sorter::superSort($array, $method, $as, $sortFlag, $comp);

(Note: PHP's built-in sort methods sort an array in place and return a boolean representing success. The superSort() method, by contrast, returns the result array.)

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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