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Create and use themes in Craft !

This is a theme engine, it allows you to create themes that are reusable and extendable. Themes are regular plugins, as such they can have their own settings, migrations etc, but now have a set of templates and assets that will inherit themselves, allowing for faster frontend development.

A rule system allows you to define which theme will be used for which site, language, view port or url path. Or a mix of those 4.

Make use of the built-in compiler to compile scss files or scss inlined in your templates. Scss will use inheritance too !

The Pro version takes this idea to the next level by taking control of the frontend looks and feel directly in the Control Panel :

  • Assign blocks to your themes regions, have different blocks for different layouts
  • Use more than 35 predefined displayers for your fields with each a set of options to control the display
  • Define layout's view modes that will render layouts differently in different parts of the page
  • Use built-in caching layers to speed up page load
  • Use a highly granular templating system to make things look exactly how you want them
  • Third party plugins supported : commerce, super table, typed link, neo, and more to come...

Have a look into the detailed documentation to create your own blocks/displayer/fields, and share your themes with others!



Plus $15/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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February 9, 2023
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